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to: someone secretly soft on the inside 🍞

Don't mind the RBF (resting bread face) (`ヘ´) Whether you use the RBF Toast Plushie as a pillow, cuddle buddy, or just to make your space cuter + cozier, he just wants to make you feel at home 🏡 

Material: Polyester inside
Color: Yellow
Size: 15inches *14inches *4inches

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to: someone who loves cozy vibes 💡

Don't be intimidated by the resting bread face ( ̄︿ ̄)  RBF Toast Lamp may look angry, but he just wants to help ♡ Whether you need a little bit of light, someone to hold your phone, or just want your space to feel cozier, he can do it all  (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b   

Material: ABS+PC+PMMA
Rated power: 3W
Rated voltage: DC 5V-1A
Battery capacity: 1200mAh (lithium battery)
Light color: 4000K (warm light)
Executive standard: GB 7000.204-2008
Product size: 4.33" by 4.53" by 1.50"

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to: someone beary cute 🧸

The "Bear With Me" Mask Chain is a must for those days you're constantly taking your mask off and putting it back on. With a bear charm that dangles like an earring, it's a friendly reminder to hang in there (and not to lose all of your cute masks)! ʕ ᵔᴥᵔ ʔ

Material: Mask Chain
Size: 16inch (length)
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Wake up with our minimalistic alarm clock, customized by you! This wooden light-up alarm clock comes with semi-transparent doodle stickers. Stick them on your alarm clock, in your journals, and wherever you please to make your daily life cuter ♡

Material: (Alarm Clock)PVC, MDF+PVC, Wood Wrap; (Sticker Sheet)PVC
Color: Yellow + White LED Light
Size: 17.0 cm * 5.0 cm * 9.0 cm


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This soft distressed denim hat featuring our DeliVUry mascot was made for all who love pink & cute things ♡ With a soft feel and adjustable strap for ultimate comfort, it's sure to be your new favorite accessory!


Material: Denim + Cotton 
Color: Pink
Size: one size 

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Our favorite RBF glowers in the center of this soft cushiony desk mat / mouse pad to ward off scratches and stains. At 70cm x 30cm, it's the perfect size to fit your keyboard, mouse, and favorite coffee mug! This cute & comfortable pink gingham desk pad also features a non-slip back to prevent any accidents.


Material: natural rubber 
Color: Pink 
Size: 70cm * 30cm